My Signature Program, Curvy & Worthy  is a small intimate group coaching that teaches women how to embrace the path of self discovery while loving themselves fully from the inside out. I created this program with the intention to see each and every one of my clients through the journey of internal growth aligned with your calling to wake up your soul and embrace your life in the way it was meant to live.

There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. When the inner balance is achieves of confidence and class, the world is your oyster. As you begin to value yourself, your body and share your voice - Life will start to appear in a brand new light! 

We will work together one on one weekly as we uncover and awaken the greatest gifts dying to be born within you. Throughout our coaching relationship you will receive:

  • Ongoing support from a professional coach trained in Nuero Linguistic Programming, Strategic Intervention, Transformational Coaching and Positive Psychology
  • Accountability
  • Pure heart
  • Judgment-Free space for true expression
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • A virtual shared journal that will be a place of reflection, sharing and breakthroughs
  • Limited to ONLY 25 Butterflies

Are you READY to fall in LOVE with your life?

Let go of Your Past & Rewrite Your Story 

The Past - Week 2

We all have stories that we tell ourselves that repeat in various aspects of our lives. Often what we THINK the problems is, is not truly what is impacting us. 

Together we will break down the internal/external dialogue that is influencing your mindset and decisions by increasing your awareness to positively change your life. 

The Past - Week 1

According to Anthony Robbins, all of our life decisions are guided by our highest human need. There are 6 Human Needs it is based on : Certainty, Uncertainty, Love, Significance, Growth and Contribution.

Together we will review the results of the 6 Human Needs Quiz and determine how your highest need is impacting each decision in your life.

When we understand WHY we do what we do, it is the first step towards change.

Learn how a few small adjustments can result in a more
balanced and fulfilled life. 

the present - Week 4

It is time to make peace with the loyal soldier who has been doing his best to protect you. Unfortunately, his protection is not the truly serving you because he does not have the proper orders to follow. 

We will go through a process to learn how to guide this soldier so that he may serve you in a way that truly helps you grow. 

The Present- Week 3

Open your mind to explore a path to self-forgiveness that heals the heart and opens your soul to welcome new beginnings.

The steps to accepting love in our hearts and allowing others to love us, is to first love ourselves UNCONDITIONALLY. 

This will be a deep path to discovery opening to unlimited possibilities.


The awareness of the mind is the key to starting the change

The Present - Week 6 

How we see ourselves deeply reflects how others see us and the respect we receive. If you are not respecting and loving who you are, how you look- this is setting the path for how others will treat you. We will have exercises throughout the week to shift how you perceive yourself and will be challenged to get YOUR SEXY BACK!

Explore how my personal tools and tips will increase body image and confidence. 

The Present - Week 5 

Identify alternative solutions and newly conditioned mindset that builds upon, rather than breaks from, your new framework of forgiveness and possibility. 

Words, thoughts and emotions shape our decisions. Working regularly on changing the way we see ourselves is key. 

Know You are Worthy.        Know You are Good Enough 

the future Week 8 

It is time to get CREATIVE!  This is YOUR GRADUATION WEEK ! 

I will give you the steps to outline your plan of action for your goals that leads to your soul’s contentment.

Think of it as a business plan to your heart. 

It is very important in the commitment to yourself and your future to announce with the group your Action Plan.

You will develop Your own customized 30,60,90 Day Action Plan this week

The future-Week 7 

I am sure you have some things in your life that you started out passionate, excited and somewhere along the line it just fell flat. 

  • Maybe you simply were too busy
  • Was busy an excuse for another emotion you were burying inside?

We will explore your forgotten dreams. A journey into the past which awakens the inner child and gifts waiting to be born. g





It is time to prepare for the Best Version of You, Aligned with your Truest Self

It’s time to say yes to you  
quiet the self-doubt, negativity, and societal views
once and for all. 


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****** Virtual Seats Limited to Only 25 Butterflies ******

Golden Goddess Plan - VIRTUAL ONLY

1 Payment $795.00 / 3 Payments $295

  • (1) 45 minute Call 1:1 with Amanda  (valued at $300)
  • Weekly Worksheets for 8 Weeks
  • Access to Private Facebook Community with other Beautiful Butterflies.
  • 1 Live Weekly Group Call for 8 Weeks 
  • Accountability Partner (if interested) 
  • Free Giveaways & Secret Surprise Bonuses 
  • 1 Payment (Savings $94.00) 

Beautiful Butterfly Plan

1 Payment $495 / 3 Payment $197

  • Weekly Worksheets for 8 Weeks
  • Access to Private Facebook Community with other Beautiful Butterflies.
  • 1 Live Weekly Group Call for 8 Weeks 
  • Accountability Partner
  • Free Giveaways & Secret Surprise Bonuses 
  • 1 Payment (Savings $94.00) 

(Does not include 1:1 coaching)

You can still hop onto this life-changing program with all the course materials delivered right to your inbox each week! 

Self Study Program

1 Payment $299

  • Weekly Worksheets for 12 Weeks
  • 1 Weekly Recording (from the Live Event) for 12 Weeks
  • Does not Include 1:1 Coaching or Group Support

When considering the self study option. it is important to know that you will be fully independent during this process. I would recommend to reflect on your learning style and commitment, to be sure you get the most out of the program. If you know that you have been stuck, and have a hard time getting in touch with your emotion the group support and accountability partner may be the community that you need.

Things You Need to Know

Course Call Info: 

  • There will be a weekly video call that is recorded for your convenience. There will be two calls per week so you will have options to meet different time needs. 
  • Call Dates / Times to be announced
  • We will have a private Facebook Group that will be a place to establish community and support. This will also be where you can post your questions to receive live support from me. 
  • The last week of the month, I will be announcing the winner to the contest giveaway. (Contest rules to be announced)

Check this out!!     (the giveaway is valued at $500)  

NOTE: The live call & facebook group is not available for the soulful self study group.

Still not sure which program is the best for you? 

I get it! That is why I am offering a 15 minute call to answer any questions you have. It is important to me that you select the program that works for you and what you need in your life. My only desire is for you to be fulfilled and free in your life, and to know you are beautiful and worthy. 

The next course won't go live again until summer, so do not miss out!