Ask Amanda, "Dear Abby" for Today's Modern Girl

Your Secret is Safe with Me

Amanda has always had a passion for helping and a thirst for knowledge. Her ability to help others and share thoughtful insight to gain a new perspective is her greatest gift. 

Amanda has carried this throughout her career, personal life and even helping strangers on the street. She has been told that she has a natural and loving presence creating a place of safety in a sometimes turbulent and uncertain world. 

Her early responsibilities she faces as a child prepared her for a strong future ahead. Independent and wise at a young age, carries knowledge, courage, and positivity where-ever she goes. Some may say its a gift, but for Amanda, she knows know other way, 

Generously she is starting this online platform as a tool to anonymously help and serve others by simply completing the form below. The answer to your questions will be answered in video format with the safety of being anonymous. 

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