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March 2017

Curvy & Worthy - DOORS ARE OPEN

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Do you sometimes feel like you are lacking the courage to
be the Confident Woman you were Meant to be? 

  • Maybe you’re held back by personal inner struggle that seems to always put the fire inside of you out?

  • Have you been craving the next move, but held captive by your fear of failure?

  • How has your self-worth and body image impacted your life?

  • What have you missed out on in your life, because you were afraid of what people would say about you?


Are you ready to say ... 

"  I've had Enough ! ! ! "

Do me a quick favor, will you?

Pause and really reflect on those questions.

Then ..... 

Ask yourself Can I relate to any of these questions? 

  • Do you find yourself searching for balance in your life? 
  • Does life sometimes just feel incomplete? 
  • Do You want a new career or some other major shift in your life, but you are too afraid to make the next move so you never take action?
  • Does Your self-doubt and sabotaging inner voice prevent you from communicating more effectively and having your true feelings heard, so you bury them deep inside instead?
  • Do You worry about what others may think of you or how they may see you, and you seek approval from others which is holding you back from growing and becoming who you want to be?
  • Do You crave a loving relationship, but you regularly attract people in your life that bring you down rather than lift you up?
  • Do You struggle looking at yourself in the mirror as you find flaw after flaw, wishing that you could snap your finger and change things for good?

Do you Just Want MORE out of life?

What could you be if you were totally fearless - able to stand in your power and own your worth? 

Unstoppable, that’s what.

I’m Amanda Scocozzo and as a Certified Transformational Coach, I work with women to help them develop their own powerful voices by creating lasting change that ignites a fire in the pits of their bellies and creates strong confidence in their souls.

I want all women, regardless of age, lifestyle, race, size, or background to know that they deserve (and can obtain) a life of fulfillment, joy, success, and happiness. 

I bet you are wondering, what's up with CURVY - is this for me? 

Sure is! 

Curvy is not about a size, but about an attitude! 

It is about embracing your womanhood. 

It is about holding yourself as a priority.

It is about maintaining your standards. 

It is about holding your head high

It is about YOU.

I’ll be your Catalyst for Courage as We take this Journey Together.

I work with women who internally know that they deserve more, but are stuck in a routine, more often that not masked by fear of the unknown, that is keeping them living "status quo" Often feeling bored, unfulfilled and seeking a greater purpose, but before their feet are even wet give up and continue down the path of comfort and familiarity, 

My clients are craving something deeper, they are on the brink of letting go of the past, and desperately want to give themselves a new beginning.  A life where they wake up with joy, fulfillment, purpose, and most important Self-Love. When we love ourselves unconditionally, the world begins to open doors that were never seen before. 

I would love to work with you and share in your transformation, by guiding you and awakening the gifts that you possess in your soul.

Take a moment ....or two.....

What would life look like if ......

•    You are able to quiet your self-doubt and learn to truly love yourself as you grow as a person?
•    You learn to look at yourself in a positive way and own your worth?
•    You feel strong and empowered on a daily basis?
•    You’re not afraid to take chances and experience life as it was meant to be lived?
•    You embrace your whole self, loving who you are, and realizing that you have the power to make any shifts needed to reach your desired goals?


Let’s awaken that strong woman inside of you that’s been waiting to come out and play.

I want you to know that it doesn’t matter where you come from or where you’ve been. 
It doesn’t matter how society views you. How Hollywood and the media views you.

All that matters is how you view you. 

And when you’re able to see that you are beautiful, powerful, and strong and that you can create the life that you’ve always dreamed of. . . 

Well, that’s when you’ve truly arrived.

You’ll hold your head proudly as you walk in the room and you won’t need anyone’s approval or validation ever again.
You are fierce and beautiful already, you just haven’t realized it yet.

Can I ask you a few personal questions?
Shhh . it's our secret, it is just you and I here! 

Has life been leaving you feeling frustrated, empty or lacking direction?

Does your fear of judgment paralyze your every move?

Has your life become one of routine rather than fulfillment?

Is your soul aching for more, but the more is undefined?

If you’re ready to:

  • Kiss fear goodbye as you find your courage
  • Lose the need to find approval and validation in others
  • Learn your true purpose and ignite the passion inside of you to create a life of fulfillment and joy
  • Break free of your comfort zone and go after your dreams
  • Fall in love with yourself from the inside out

Then let’s get started.

Don't miss out February 2017 Curvy & Worthy - DOORS ARE OPEN


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